Mindfulness Off the Cushion

Aversion and Connection | Meditation with Geeta Cowlagi

September 26, 2022 Episode 52
Mindfulness Off the Cushion
Aversion and Connection | Meditation with Geeta Cowlagi
Show Notes

Season 3 Bonus  - In this guided meditation, Geeta guides us through a story, a visualization, where we get to interact, at an experiential level, with two important and essential dimensions of the human heart. 

These two dimensions consist of aversion and connection. Initially, these two forces of aversion and connection may seem contradictory to each other, yet, as we explore in this visualization, we get to experience firsthand how they inform and interplay with each other. 

At the heart of this visualization, we are asked to move into the body and explore how it feels to recoil in the face of danger. But it doesn’t stop here. We are also asked to move into the body to explore how it feels when we acknowledge we are no longer in danger and seek to help those in suffering…whether it be a dog, a friend, or ourselves.

What would be like for us to move throughout our day to day lives with greater insight and awareness of how we react in the face of danger, and how, in the midst of this reaction of this aversion, we can still leave a space for care, connection, and human compassion. 

Thank you Geeta for this guided visualization. 


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