Mindfulness Off the Cushion

Kindness in Action | Meditation with Geeta

October 09, 2022 Episode 54
Mindfulness Off the Cushion
Kindness in Action | Meditation with Geeta
Show Notes

Season 3 Bonus  -  In this short, guided meditation, we explore kindness in action.

Our special guest, Geeta Cowlagi, helps us create the conditions to make contact with this body, mind, and heart from a place of safety and abundance. We explore how through the act of simply releasing and softening the body, we can begin to release and soften the heart against what Geeta refers to as the “ouches” of our lives.   

As she points out, we humans can carry these “ouches” in the form of physical pain through tension in the body - or emotional pain through the stories or narratives we tell ourselves. And in this guided meditation, we explore, we feel, we make contact with what it would be like in this mind/body system to gently and patiently lay down our defenses against the ‘ouch’ and to soften and release in the face of the ‘ouch.” 

The moment we practice doing this is a moment of kindness and compassion toward ourselves.

Thank you, Geeta, for this lovely meditation. 


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Host Lance Vaughn, Co-owner of the Austin Mindfulness Center
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