Mindfulness Off the Cushion

The Healing Power of Present Moment Awareness with Neal Hughes

December 01, 2022 Episode 58
Mindfulness Off the Cushion
The Healing Power of Present Moment Awareness with Neal Hughes
Show Notes

Today we’ll learn how a mindful mindset can be incredibly useful when trying to create a space for healing. And the most important ingredient when you’re creating a space for healing is your simple presence. Simple, and yet, not as easy to do as you might think.

We can do this for others as we lay the groundwork for healthy communication. And we also do this for ourselves. We’ll explore this human ability we can develop, with practice, to sit with unpleasant thoughts, ideas, or people. And to do so without letting them get under our skin. And, as we have discussed, this uncommon and seemingly unattainable feat of being comfortable in our own skin. We’re going to revisit some old friends… ego and psychological flexibility.  

We’ll review t he ability we can cultivate to become aware of our ego habits and how these habits can get in the way of our own personal development… and building a better life… a more open and loving life. Amazingly, almost magically, it all ties back to the power of the present moment. And the relationship between present moment awareness and the domain of our thoughts and emotions.

Our guest today is Neal Hughes. Neal is a seasoned psychotherapist and a long-time mentor of Claudio’s. Neal has a wonderful paternal quality to him and I’m excited for you to have a chance to observe how he creates a warm and welcoming space for his clients, his friends, and himself.


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