Mindfulness Off the Cushion

The Art of Mindful Communication with Mudita Nisker and Dan Clurman

January 05, 2023 Austin Mindfulness Center Episode 61
Mindfulness Off the Cushion
The Art of Mindful Communication with Mudita Nisker and Dan Clurman
Show Notes

Our episode today is being published around the holiday season. I couldn’t imagine a better gift than this: the gift of mindful communication, or skillful communication.

We all know that communication is a fundamental part of human interaction and plays a crucial role in shaping our relationships and human experiences. I wish topics like effective communication and emotional regulation were taught in a more intentional way at home and school.

There is a wealth of power hidden in the simple-yet-challenging act of bringing awareness to the language we use in our lives. And by that I mean not just the world we live in, but also the world within us. There is so much to be discovered when we practice bringing awareness to our thoughts and emotions and learning how to express ourselves in a skillful and helpful way.

Our interview today is with Mudita Nisker and Dan Clurman, the authors of "Let's Talk: An Essential Guide to Skillful Communication.” In our discussion, we have the opportunity to explore their insights and perspectives on this important subject. Their book offers practical guidance and strategies for improving communication skills and cultivating deeper connections with others.

Mudita Nisker is a licensed marriage family therapist (LMFT), coach, and trainer. A strong advocate of lifelong learning, she’s led women’s communication-training groups for over thirty-five years.

Dan Clurman is a coach, trainer, and professor. Over the past thirty years, he has provided communication training and coaching to individuals and organizations in the private, public, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Let’s Talk offers invaluable guidance for anyone looking to improve their communication skills and relationships. Whether you are a parent, lover, teacher, or leader, you can benefit greatly from the kindly guidance provided in this book. By reading and applying the strategies outlined in "Let's Talk," you can improve your communication with everyone in your life and find yourself getting into fewer conflicts. And when conflicts do arise, you will be better equipped to navigate them with more skill and grace.

Since this interview with Dan and Mudita, I have purchased multiple copies of their book and I even started a little book club with my wife and three young boys. Not just for me and my learning, but also for them and preparing them for their lives. I don’t want them to be challenged in the same way that I was. I hope to give them the gifts of self awareness, emotional literacy, self regulation, and effective communication. And I couldn’t think of a better book to use as our guide to transform the way we relate to ourselves and others — one conversation at a time.

Learn more at letstalkmethod.com


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